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Instructions for Care after Surgery

Post-Op Surgery Instructions

  1. Use eye drops as directed. Continue to take drops until otherwise instructed. If you are taking drops for glaucoma prior to surgery, please continue to take your drops.
  2. Bring your drops with you to every office visit.
  3. Use plastic shield for one week.
  4. If air or gas bubble was used in your surgery:
    • You cannot fly due to the expansion of the bubble.
    • Do not lay flat on your back.
    • If you are given a wrist band because of gas injection, you must keep it on until the bubble disappears or the doctor tells you it is okay to remove.
    • Continue special positioning until otherwise instructed.
  5. If severe pain or discharge develops or your vision decreases, call immediately.
  6. Generally, you will need to be seen by the physician one day after your surgery. Prior to your surgery, please be sure you have an appointment scheduled for this initial post-operative visit.

If in doubt about anything, please call 301-662-2775.