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UltrasonographyUltrasonography is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses sound waves to capture images of the inside and back of the eye. It is often used in patients with dense cataracts, severe bleeding in the eye, or clouding of the vitreous gel which prevents your doctor from adequately seeing into the eye. This procedure can also help detect retinal detachments and tumors in the back of the eye when they cannot normally be viewed. The results of ultrasonography can be used to plan a course of treatment and prevent permanent vision loss from these serious conditions.

This exam uses the same technology as any other type of ultrasound procedure, including an obstetrical ultrasound used to examine a baby still in the womb. During the procedure, sound waves are beamed into the eye and reflected back to produce an image that your doctor can use to evaluate the state of the retina and other ocular structures. No anesthesia is needed for this procedure, and it can be performed easily in your doctor’s office. Ultrasonography is painless, non-invasive and safe for all patients and does not involve any exposure to radiation.